The first network combating financial transfer fraud

January 2016 : 13 financial directors and treasurers of major groups – the Pioneers- gather to define the collaboration modes for the development of a platform which could prevent the increase of bank impersonation fraud attempts. They are convinced that mutualising efforts and datas is the most efficient way to prevent this type of fraud.

SiS, a truthworthy outsider, is born from this initiative. We are the strong arm of this first circle made of pioneering companies, joined with thousands others currently using the platform My SiS-id. They can be commercial companies, banking establishments, software publishers, communities, insurance companies or craftpersons. Through this link, they participate to reinforce everyone’s safety daily.

Collaboration is our driving force. It feeds our reflection and drives our actions.

Rémi Demont & Laurent Sarrat co-founders of SiS id.

Our mission

My SiS-id is a collaborative solution securing banking details.

It gives you reliable and guaranteed information about a company/banking ID couple, and thus secures and simplifies the client-supplier relationship.

Located in Lyon, SiS id. is a pioneer community of financial directors protecting transfer fraud by mutualizing banking identities and their control costs.

To recap

Securing your financial transactions with reliable data

Your data quality

Start My SiS-id with an updated and ready to use supplier base.

Secure your transactions

Each step of your payment process, ask the platform for the validity of the companies ID, banking details and their similarity.

Suppliers enrollment

Invite your suppliers to join the platform and enter their banking details. We will authentify and secure them.

How does it work / Audit

Audit – Your data quality Work with qualitative suppliers’ banking details

We analyze your data and check the information related to:
• The company ID (ID number, name, address)
• The bank ID

Then we control the similarity between the company ID and the bank ID. When those analysis are completed, we give you an annotated scoring of every couple audited.

You work with an up to date suppliers base.

Your data analysis

How does it work / Query

Interrogation – Secure your transactions

Interrogation – Secure your transactions Make your payments safely

Each step of your payment process, ask the platform.

For every checked couple, we send you a simple score with explanations.

Rest assured in your payment decisions. We commit to repaying you if the payment went to the wrong addressee.


How does it work / Enrollment

Enrollment – Suppliers enrollment Expand the network, we secure it

Invite your suppliers to file their banking details in the platform.

We authentify and secure the banking details of the network‘s new members.

You save up to 90% time of enrollment, you are secured and insured.


They share their collaborative experience

  • Route
  • Telecom
  • Retail
  • Travail temporaire
  • Immobilier
  • Construction
  • Services


«The power of collaborative logic very quickly convinced the various players: each supplier works for many companies that have an interest in sharing the security of bank details.»

Samuel Guillon
Financial director


Bouygues Telecom

«This collaborative mode ensures that the SiS approach results in a product that meets a real need. For the pioneers involved in this project, it is the assurance of having a solution that is exactly what is expected.»

Nathalie Salgado

Bank Review


«This solution is a real paradigm shift in my business: before, the IT services company provided the solution, whereas now we co-construct a solution with them.»

Lionel Jouve

Les Échos


«By working together we have consolidated our expertise, developing a solution which is an efficient tool in fraud prevention».

Armelle Derieux
Treasury and Credit Director

Le Tout Lyon

Bouygues Immobilier

«This is a relevant and ambitious innovation by a team that has proven its credibility.»

Ludovic Nicolle
Director of Treasury and Financing

Vinci Construction France

«It makes sense to join these innovative collaborative projects that allow us to progress in our control and security processes, but also in the management of our risks. »

Tony Carron
Director of Treasury and Financing


“This is an innovative platform we use daily. The collaborative approach is a significant and intelligent contribution for payment securing.”

Corinne Weiss
Director of Treasury and Financing

Our recognitions

To accelerate its European development, Sis-id received funding from the Horizon 2020 European Union Research and Innovation Program, under Grant Agreement N° 726904.

Laureate (Outright Winner) of the Fintech Label awarded to the best innovative projects in the French Banking, Financial and Insurance industries. See the video

Outright Winner of the Digital Innovation competition, (Concours d’Innovation Numérique), a support system for Digital Excellence financed by their Program of Investment in the Future.

Case study

The platform is a way to save time and security in the management of the suppliers’ banking details. You can do unit controls, batch controls or having the platform integrated into your systems.

You can have access to the platform online or directly integrated into your systems.

We developed connector in API with the main tools of the P to P process. From Tradeshift to SAP, Peoplesoft, Neofi or communication tools such as Thetis or Diapason, we can be integrated to your architecture.

The platform can be questioned each step of the payment process :
1. Creation of a supplier
2. Modification of a supplier
3. Payment files editing
4. Bank delivery

For each question, the platform will give you a detailed scoring:

• Green, you can perform the payment without fear.
• Orange, we do not have enough informations about the questioned couple, we have to intensify the research.
• Red, do not perform the payment.

Our collaborators have faith in the way we deliver our service. Thus, our insurance collaborator, the Groupe SMA, created an insurance for financial loss. Through it, we commit to repay you if your payment went to the wrong addressee.

Our historical collaborators

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