Cyber-attacks against WHO more than doubled since the beginning of the pandemic. Pharmacies are deceived by masks and hydroalcoholic gels fake suppliers.

We decided to offer free access to our platform for health establishments in order to protect them from these attacks, during the confinement period and at least until the end of May.

The principle is simple: interrogate the platform My SiS-id to be assured of the link between the company you need to pay and its banking details.
: « The banking details are valid, you can proceed with the payment. »
: « The company and the banking account exist but there is not enough information about their link. You can invite the company and SiS will authenticate its banking details. »
: « There is an inconsistency between the company and its banking details or the account has already been used for a fraud. »

With this initiative we wish to bring a useful contribution to this unprecedented situation from which some ill-intentioned individuals take advantage.

BNP Paribas, first european bank in cash management, accompanies the initiative carried by SiS id. During this period, as companies often work irregularly, payment fraud risk is particularly high (masks and gel fake suppliers, fake president fraud…). BNP Paribas encourages companies to be very attentive, especially the healthcare industry which is particularly targgeted.

Service available today!

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